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Best freelance writing job boards for free

Let’s face it, when you’re starting out, the freelance writing jobs aren’t exactly pouring in. You have to get out there, look for jobs, and pitch yourself!

While you’re looking for a writing gig, you might come across content mills that offer you low rates like $5 per article. Or you might see some great job boards, only to find that they require you to pay in order to view job leads. So what’s a budding freelance writer supposed to do?

I feel you. I’ve spent hours upon hours looking for writing work that pays well. Even as a new freelance writer, I knew that my time is worth more than a few pennies. Stick to your guns and don’t sell yourself short!

So where can I find these freelance writing jobs?

I compiled a list of the best writing job boards below. Many of the job leads are high quality and pay decently. There are jobs for all types of writers, including beginner freelance writers to more advanced writers. Just make sure you read the job description carefully and always do your own research on the company/client!

1. ProBlogger

ProBlogger is one of my favorite job boards. They update the board daily and it’s very organized. Since ProBlogger’s Darren Rowse is an authority on blogging, you can bet they are putting up quality job leads! I love that you can easily see what type of writing job it is (ghostwriting, blog/article, editing, etc) and if it’s remote or location-based.

2. All Freelance Writing

This is another job board that I check frequently. The best part is that you can see the pay range before you even click on the job posting. All the jobs are rated as “low pay”, “semi-pro”, or “pro rate“. This is really helpful because I find some of the other job boards don’t even list the rate up front.

One thing I’d like to add- don’t let “low pay” jobs deter you. Sometimes they’re small gigs that you could probably knock out easily, or it’s actually an hourly rate they’re quoting. Again, try to stick to the rate you’ve set for yourself and decide if something is worth your time.

3. Freelance Writing Jobs (FWJ)

FWJ updates their site daily with writing jobs, divided into categories like content writing, copywriting, technical writing, etc. It’s easy to scan so you can skip right to your area of expertise! Also, check their job board for additional listings.

4. MediaBistro

MediaBistro has a wide variety of creative and marketing jobs, but you can narrow down your search for writing gigs. From what I’ve seen, many of the jobs are location-based, require more experience, or are full-time employed positions, but don’t let that stop you. Use the search filters to find jobs that will suit you. (In other words, jobs that allow you to work from home!)

5. Journalism Jobs

As the name suggests, these are typically journalism positions for newspapers, magazines, etc. If you’re interested in content writing, copywriting, editing, or blog writing, don’t discount this site. They do have job postings for non-journalism positions, but you just have to search for them using the filters.

Finding freelance writer gigs

6. Freelance Writing

Another solid job board that is updated pretty frequently. The layout is clean and easy to navigate which is important after you’ve been sifting through job postings for hours!

Also, sign up for their Morning Coffee Newsletter! They’ll send you an email once a week with new writing jobs. Can’t get any easier than right in your inbox!

7. BloggingPro

A great job board to check out for high quality leads. You can easily tell if a job is location-based or remote. I also recommend checking out their blog for great writing and blogging advice!

8. Be a Freelance Blogger

I’ve read several of Sophie Lizard’s articles and she gives a lot of valuable advice about writing and blogging. Her job board is updated regularly, although there aren’t as many postings as some other job boards.

She has a free eBook, The Ultimate List of Better-Paid Blogging Gigs. I reviewed her eBook and found that it needs a little bit of updating as some of the sources are out of date. Even so, it’s a good resource for beginner freelance writers.

9. Writers Weekly

I don’t use this site as frequently as the other job boards, but it’s worth mentioning because they post writing jobs that I don’t see on other sites. For example, I saw a job posting for writing psychic email readings. Pretty unique gig! Job postings are updated weekly.

You can get well-paying freelance writing jobs!

Hopefully you found this post helpful! It can be tedious looking for writing jobs and writing pitch after pitch. But I see this process as an opportunity to improve my pitch with every email and to become more efficient at looking for jobs. Good luck!


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