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Need a copywriter with a strong health & science background? I got you!

I specialize in:

  • Healthcare and medicine
  • Optometry (I am a licensed optometric physician)
  • General health and wellness
  • Skincare & beauty

Writing services I provide:Business-to-business copywriting– If you are a health or medical business and you need great copy to give your brand authority, I got you! With my background in medicine, I can gain a deep understanding of your products and services. I’ll deliver copy that will generate traffic, increase visibility, and inspire clients to take action.

  • Blog posts– Attention-grabbing content that will excite your readers! Blog posts help you gain trust and establish your business as the go-to expert. I will also include keyword research as needed to optimize your post for SEO.
  • Informational articles– If you want to educate your readers without boring them, that’s where I come in! I take complex scientific information and turn it into easy-to-understand articles. You’ll have research-backed content that’s also fun and engaging!
  • White papers– Do you need a comprehensive, data-driven guide to inform potential customers about your product or service? I specialize in taking complex medical jargon and transforming it into easy-to-read text to get the point across.
  • Patient education– Including brochures, online resources, etc. As a healthcare professional, I understand how important it is to make sure patients understand medical information so they can make informed healthcare decisions. I specialize in transforming complex medical jargon into engaging patient education!

Additional services:

  • Social media graphics– Designing graphics/infographics/Pins to promote on social media including Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  • WordPress blogs– Formatting and uploading blog posts, SEO optimization, affiliate link set up, and other WordPress related tasks!
  • Have other writing projects? I may be able to help. Contact me to talk about it!


Pricing depends on length, complexity, and research required. All services include SEO/keyword research, market research, subject-matter research, editing, and formatting. I also work with WordPress sites so I can optimize your content accordingly (including subheadings, internal and external links, bulleted lists, etc).

I offer monthly retainers for recurring services at a discounted price. Please inquire for more info!

Ready to get some writing done? Contact me for a FREE consult and to discuss a customized service package and pricing!